Grasp the Euphoria of Happiness- Sadness is POSITIVE

As early as I could recall my life had always been full of colours of sadness.

Yes, I admit it!

 I am a person who loves being sad. As a child, I loved sad fairy tales, as a teenager now, I love sad movies, which make my parents worry a lot. I realized that I did not meet their expectations: in their ideal world a happy person must irradiate joy all the time. In my view, this state of constant life enjoyment looked slightly idiotic. And I kept asking myself if sadness is really so bad?

One of the points, which I have discovered, is that people very seldomly differentiate between sadness and misery ,although they are very different in nature. Misery can only be caused by some deeply traumatic experience; however, sadness in a natural middle between being extremely happy and feeling deep sorrow.

Another important issue is that sadness often accompanies the process of thinking, consideration and evaluation. If, for example, you once watch the expressions of a person who is writing something ,deeply engrossed in their  thoughs, you will see that he/she looks sad (and my roomate always ask whether I’m fine or not, when I do so! ).

For the longest time, I knew there was something wrong with me but I didn’t know what it was. All I knew was that I was just exhausted all the time.

There were days when  I would be so tired that I’d find it hard even to think straight. Also, sometimes, I’d suddenly get sad for really no reason. I can remember a lot of days looking at myself in the bathroom mirror and thinking, “I have to quit. I can’t make it. I’m just so tired of pretending that every thing’s fine. But it isn’t! ”

It has been extremely  painful for me. I had started to become anti-social I guess.

I thought maybe I wasn’t exercising enough,  or not getting enough sleep. Nothing seemed to make a difference though. I would continue to be just exhausted all the time. It would feel like my bones were made of lead and to move any part of my body was an intense struggle. Some days it even felt like a struggle to breathe. I was living in a world made of molasses. Life was just such an effort.

Usually,  I’d start feeling better by summer and then I’d forget about it until September came around again and I’d be back in the same boat again.

Yesterday,  again I couldn’t sleep and I just figured out that, I’m just sad.  I’ve been sad the all time. I spent my entire life searching for happiness in the places that weren’t even mine.

 Then I thought  about happiness and sadness, the polar opposites of one another. And I realised from my previous  experiences, that the only way to fully appreciate the full spectrum of happiness is to experience sadness. Happiness, of course, is what I strived for every day and no one truly want to be sad all day in and day out of their lives. And in order that I fully appreciate happiness, at some point of my life I had to experience some sort of sadness.

Sadness is something that can break someone’s spirit, but happiness is something that can, and will repair it.

I have experienced that my sadness have made the happy moments even better. Like during my seventh grade because of my acute condition I had to quit salsa, for others it was nothing, but little did they know that I lost my only passion, the sadness that I felt was something I will never forget. But then there was this person who came into my life out of nowhere and a couple of years later, took all my pain away and the joy and happiness that I felt being with him was magical and I believe it was because of the fact I had experienced the sadness that accompanies a devastating loss.

Sadness is also something that helped me realize what I have. Being happy all the time limited my ability to see what I already have and appreciate the true value of it. Sadness brought out the outlook on my life that showed me what I have. While happiness shadowed the true value of these things.

 Happiness and sadness coexist with one another because without one the other cannot be felt. Being happy all the time eliminated the feeling of sadness which was important for me to experience because it allowed my mind to be able to relate with other people. People who do experience sadness occasionally, are able to relate to other peoples sadness and be able to give them sympathy. Extremely happy people may have a hard time sympathizing with sad people because they may not be able to emotionally be able to understand what the other person is feeling. 

     Neither happiness nor sadness can truly be explained because of the fact that happiness and sadness are different to each person. Not everyone can truly relate their happiness to someone else’s’ happiness because what makes two people happy may be different. The same goes with sadness.

But according to me sadness is actually the start of happiness. After being sad I began to have experiences that helped me to bring the happiness back into my life. There were not one or two of these moments, but actual several small ones that eventually brought me back to the level of happiness that I always wanted.

Unfortunately, this too occurs with happiness. In every moment in life, I realised, I can’t  always be happy, it is just not truly possible.  There will be these little moments of sadness that occasionally spring up in your life, but these moments will always be counterbalanced by a moment of happiness. Each emotion is the opposite of the other, but without the other the other can not be felt.

    So happiness and sadness even though they are two highly separate emotions felt at totally different times, they still need on another for humans to experience the emotions. Happiness cannot be understood unless people feel the sorrows of sadness because these sorrows are which allow people to fully understand and appreciate happiness. 

Happiness and sadness are yin and yang without one you truly do not understand the true feelings of the other.

So, sadness is positive.

Next time you wake up in the morning and realize you feel sad, do not get upset, it only means you are normal and experience the whole range of emotions.

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